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    I was once told that one way of saying "thank you" in Kurdish can be translated to mean: May your hands never hurt. I forgot, however, how you actually say/write this phrase in Kurdish. Does anyone know what this word is? And how to write it phonetically in Roman letters?

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    Kurdish people (Badini and Sorani dialects) do not actually use the phrase 'May your hands never hurt' when thanking somebody.

    Instead, they use the phrase that can be translated as 'Nice hand' (ده ست خوش - dast khosh) meaning 'thank you'.​

    However, I am aware that Iranians do use the pharse 'May your hands never hurt'
    دست شما درد نکنه - daste shoma dard nakone​

    Hope it helps,​
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    Thanks! Your reply was very helpful :)
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    Hi Kmaro,

    Actually as a Northern Kurds we use "Deste te sax be" which means "May your hands never hurt" but as you know it means different :)
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    I think you are talking about "Deste te sax be"
    Yes in northern Kurdistan and in Kurmanci dialect, we use this expression but it means "god bless your hands", it is like a pray :)

    Spas : Thank you
    Gelek Spas : Thank you so much
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    Yes , you are right. Iranians use " MAY YOUR HAND NOT HAVE PAIN -MAY YOUR HAND NOT HURT" frequently.
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