-là at the end of a word

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I am thru an intermediary course in French and my question is probably too simple for most of you.
What does -là at the end of a word mean? Take the example below:

De toute façon, on y va et les mentalités changent et je pense que c'était l'occasion d'adopter un projet beaucoup plus franc, à ce niveau-là .

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    If I understand it correctly, -là and -ci are pointers, like 'that' and 'this' respectively; they can be used to point to things verbally, as in 'this one here, or that one there'.


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    là at the end of a word is generally used in oral speaking.when you take

    Sorry! when take à ce niveau là. Là here can be omitted without triggering change of meaning.
    It is a kind of emphasis at the end of a speech. no need to struggle to translate là in English in this context
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