láminas ilustrativas didácticas

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  1. kmarc7

    kmarc7 Senior Member

    Hola- I am translating for a woman from Peru who has a small stationery shop. She wants to buy " láminas ilustrativas didácticas".

    She says that they are used by students for their homework or schoolwork. What are they?

    I appreciate the help.

  2. Hispanologist Senior Member

    North Carolina
    English - United States
    Just a guess, but in bookstores they sell laminated sheets with tiny print and lots of basic information on school subjects like algebra, American history, biology, etc. They have 3 holes for the kid's notebook.

    Could that be it?

  3. daniel.uy

    daniel.uy Senior Member

    Rocha, Uruguay
    Rio de la Plata Spanish
    Educational posters seems fine?
  4. kmarc7

    kmarc7 Senior Member

    Gracias, me han ayudado mucho.
  5. Dawson030950 New Member

    Panamanian Spanish
    I think "FLASH CARDS" is what teachers used at school.
  6. kmarc7

    kmarc7 Senior Member

    Thanks, that really helps.
  7. salvador_1_99

    salvador_1_99 Senior Member

    México español
    i Googled it and educational posters are the one that match with laminas used in school, is this name "educational posters" common in the USA and canada? and Is it often asked for in those countries?

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