Länger tauchen mit Herzstillstand

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    I don't understand this sentence at all. The full title of the article is:

    'Krokodile: Länger tauchen mit Herzstillstand'

    My (extremely confused) attempt:

    'Crocodile: Extended diving with cardiac arrest'

    I feel like I'm missing some kind of meaning of 'mit', so I tried 'Crocodile: Extended diving involving cardiac arrest' but it didn't sound right.

    Could someone please help me?
  2. Frank78

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    I'm as confused as you, I guess the article shall enlighten the reader.
  3. Sowka

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    Hello :)

    It is indeed explained in the article. This is the first paragraph (source: DW). This is the fact it describes: (In order to be able to dive for up to an hour and survive without food for a year,) these crocodiles reduce their metabolism to such an extent that even their heart almost stops beating.

    "Krokodile" is the plural form. The singular is "das Krokodil".
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  4. Hutschi

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    Note that "Herzstillstand" is not really true.

    There is a difference between "Stillstand" and "kaum noch schlagen".

    So this headline is a confusing metaphor, but it catches your attentivenes.

    I understand: "longer diving when the heart stands still."
  5. SapphireMFL Member

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    Thank you to everyone for your replies; I think I'll go with what Hutschi understood from the article and I'll make sure to made 'crocodile' plural!

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