l'élève a dépassé le maître

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    I'm writing a course description related to coaching. I'd like to say in English something like: "Nous savons tous qu'il est possible que l'eleve depasse le maitre".
    What do you think of ...
    We all know that it is possible for a pupil to surpass their teacher's abilities?
    I'm not sure that's what I mean in French. What I really mean is that there are situations (especially in sport) when a student will perform better than their coach (thanks to their coach's coaching skills).

    If anyone can help?
    Many thanks,
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    you're correct : "l'élève a dépassé le maître" means exactly what you say, i.e the pupil is doing better than his teacher.
    but: in a sport context, the sentence only works if the coach was himself a champion.
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    Thanks Eric75.

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