Lütfen vs. Rica ederim

Discussion in 'Türkçe (Turkish)' started by Tamar, Feb 2, 2013.

  1. Tamar

    Tamar Senior Member

    Israel, Hebrew
    Hi All!

    Can lütfen be used to say rica ederim
    A colleague of mine thanked me for something and I answered with lütfen (I can do that in Hebrew...) and I wondered if it's possible in Turkish or not.

  2. SARI7

    SARI7 Member

    Altough not advised to replace all "rica ederim"s with "lütfen" yes, it is possible.
  3. emrEvo8 New Member

    It's more appropriate to say "Rica ederim" when someone thanks you. "Lütfen" means "please" and it is mostly used to kindly request something.

    "Rica ederim" is equivalent to "You're welcome". But it is also used as a verb in formal contexts like formal letters to kindly request something.

    I don't recommend you to say "lütfen" as an answer to "thank you".
  4. spiraxo

    spiraxo Senior Member

    turkey, turkish
    It is not possible. It sounds weird in this sense.

    Literally the conversation will be as follows:

    - Thank you.
    - Please.

  5. Reverence Senior Member

    In my entire life, I replied someone thanking me with a "lütfen" only once. The said person was trying to be sarcastic and my response was meant to give her a clue. Other than that, I can't see how "lütfen" can be used in response to "teşekkür ederim".

    I can only hope that the person who thanked you didn't misunderstand your reply.

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