L’État, qui a apporté 14 400 K€ de dotation


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Does that literally mean "The State" (as in France) provided an endowment of €14,400 K ?

La Fondation xxxxxxxx
  • L’Etat qui a apporté 14 400 K€ de dotation ;
  • L’Inserm qui a apporté 30 K€ de dotation ;
  • L’EHESP qui a apporté 20 K€ de dotation ;
  • La CNSA qui a apporté 10 K€ de dotation ;
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    I think translating this as “The state” could be confusing for North American readers, who could understand that as just a local government—e.g. as with one of the 50 states in the U.S. “The state” here would refer to that local/regional entity.

    I would suggest “the national government” to avoid any misunderstanding.
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