l’a diversement façonné


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I am having difficulty grasping the meaning of this quote, particuarly the end -- l’a diversement façonné. The quote is taken from Éric Gagnon, « La sociologie et le sujet éthique », an essay in an academic book focusing on sociology and ethics. If anyone could provide a translation, that would be wonderfully appreciated. I believe the use of dashes may be throwing me off.

«La sociologie est toujours une sociologie de l’éthique ou — tend vers une sociologie de l’éthique —, non pas simplement parce qu’elle a pour objet les mœurs, mais plus fondamentalement, parce qu’elle est interrogation sur le sujet : le sujet éthique, tel que la modernité –ou les modernités — l’a diversement façonné. »

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    This was my initial attempt yesterday. I don't have very strong translation skills so this may be a horrid guess:

    Sociology (or the study of sociology) is always a sociology of ethics, or leans towards a sociology of ethnics - not only because it has as an objective the norms/manners/customs, but more fundamentally, because it observers/studies/interrogates the subject : the subject of ethnics [such as modernity, or the "modernities"], which has shaped sociology in various ways.

    Any suggestions?


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