l’ajout d’une visibilité du réseau social

Advertizing on Facebook:

la publicité peut être enrichie ‘socialement’, avec l’ajout d’une visibilité du réseau social (like, fan, etc).

advertizing can be 'socially' enhanced, by adding ... ? (“like,” fan, etc.).

I don't understand what they mean by visibilité du réseau social.
  • jetset

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    "Like" : when navigating on the internet - and being connected with your fb ID's via the cookies - you often see facebook icons - click on "J'aime/J'aime pas", proposing to share your reactions regarding an info/article.
    Hence, visibility means to link fb & ads for a wider commercial audience.


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    visibilté = referencement - (google ranking)

    its the idea of adding visibility of the site - so if you google something like hat and if your hatwebsite has good visibility your site will come up earlier than others

    une bonne visibilité = bon référencement
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