l’archaïsme s’ajoute à l’antiquité

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    "L’art primitif n’a jamais si bien mérité son nom, n’en déplaise à certains, qu’en ces confins où l’archaïsme s’ajoute à l’antiquité."

    There's the phrase I need to translate, but I'm having trouble with the last bit. I can't think of anything other than the literal translation which just sounds wrong to me :

    Even though it might displease a few people, primitive art never did deserve its name as much as within these confines where archaism is in addition to antiquity.

    Any other ideas out there? The text speaks of old masks found in Nepal for which we have no information (use, name, society it comes from, etc.). Thanks in advance!
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    ... where archaism comes on top of antiquity ?
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    Hmm, that sounds a bit awkward to me too....

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