l’arte di Picasso ha dei debiti nei confronti di

Howdy Do

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Hi all,
I'm translating an essay on contemporary art and find this expression, which is giving me difficulty: 'ma non per questo a qualcuno verrebbe da dire che
l’arte di Piacasso dei debiti nei confronti di quella di xxx.
My attempt: 'but that's not to say that Picasso's art is indebted to that of...'
Can anyone help?
Thanks, Howdy Do
  • I would agree with both your interpretation and your translation.

    The Italian phrase "verrebbe da dire" is awkward to translate and adds very little to the meaning. ;)
    Out of interest, Teerex, does this translate as "no one would be able to say that Picasso's art is indebted to..." ? Or "no one would want to say that ...."?

    Something to the tune of: "nobody would feel compelled to say that...".
    If I were to choose between this construction and Howdy's "but that's not to say that", I would opt for the nimbler of the two. ;)