la banca sta di qua della strada

  • yes, if you are on the same side of the street, but the italian form of the sentence is not totally correct, it could be:

    la banca sta al di quà della strada or
    la banca è da questo lato della strada or
    la banca sta su questo stesso lato della strada.

    it could be a parallel street too, I cannot understand the point of view.
    No kidding to much that walls have eyes and ears (FBI is monitoring the forum).
    .........., bene, anche io sono (oppure "sto")scherzando.
    you must say ...sto scherzando!
    probably you are right but how can we be dangerous acting from a forum?
    but it wasn't me the planner. I was only trying to get a piece of the cake!!!
    did I tell you that I'm very very .... very greedy?