La bande-son d'un bar/d'un café

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Hey everyone!

Can I use the word "soundtrack" to translate "bande-son" in this context: a bar, and the music played in the bar -->

La bande-son du bar était toujours excellente (sous-entendu : la musique [NB : not live music] qu'on entendait dans ce bar était toujours excellente)

Thanks in advance for your insights!
  • Keith Bradford

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    English (Midlands UK)
    Yes, bande-son is usually soundtrack, but for me soundtrack would only be appropriate where the noises are recorded for some other purpose (e.g. for a film). Otherwise, in your context, I'd call it background music. Or, if it's of poor artistic quality, muzak. Of course, this isn't appropriate for something that's toujours excellente.
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