1. hyla_arborea Senior Member

    What's the idiom for "la bolsa o la vida!" the famous sentence pronounced in Far West movies by muggers to ask "victims" for their money or they would be killed.

    I've heard just "your money or your life!" but I am not sure this is correct.

    Thank you very much!
  2. ashushenya Senior Member

    Barcelona, Spain
    spanish and catalan
    Buenas, "Your money or your life" está bien usado en ese contexto. Mira, hablando de un grupo de atracadores dicen esto:

    The phrase "Your money or your life" is mentioned in trial reports from the mid-18th century:
    Evidence of John Mawson: "As I was coming home, in company with Mr. Andrews, within two fields of the new road that is by the gate-house of Lord Baltimore, we were met by two men; they attacked us both: the man who attacked me I have never seen since. He clapped a bayonet to my breast, and said, with an oath, Your money, or your life! He had on a soldier's waistcoat and breeches. I put the bayonet aside, and gave him my silver, about three or four shillings."
    The Proceedings of the Old Bailey, 12 September 1781, [6]

  3. hyla_arborea Senior Member

    Good, thanks a lot!

    Maybe this is asking a lot, but... would there be any other way to say it without saying the word "money"? (as in Spanish)
  4. ashushenya Senior Member

    Barcelona, Spain
    spanish and catalan
    Mmmm not that I know of but of course you can alwas say something like "surrender or you'll die" "or give me X or I'll kill you" but these are not idioms...

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