La bonne nouvelle


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Salut tout le mond,

J'ai trouvé cette expression dans une message and like to know how should we say it en anglais?

Voila le contexte:
"Salut Flora, Connais-tu la bonne nouvelle? - Do you know the good news? - J'ai trouvé un appartement. En plein centre vill ...." then at the end of this paragraph he has written:

Je t'embrasse et attends de tes (bonnes!) nouvelles. - Am waiting for your good news.

Merci mille fois d'avance pour vos reponses.

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    Quelle phrase est-ce que vous voudriez traduire? Les deux phrases roses sont correctes, bien que je dirais:
    1. Have you heard the good news (yet)?
    2. Et pour traduire la deuxième phrase bleue, je dirais: I can't wait to hear your lastest news/I'm looking forward to hearing from you
    "Je t'embrasse" signifie "Lots of love" en anglais, je la traduirais comme:
    Looking forward to hearing from you, lots of love from...(nom)


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    I agree with Tigerlily although, to me tes (bonnes) nouvelles, suggests that the sender is aware that the recipient could soon to have something to celebrate, e.g. a new job, the birth of a child, etc. therefore I would translate is literaly as "looking forward to hearing your (good) news" or I can't wait to hear your (good) news.


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    To Moozi

    Why not: "I can't wait to hear some (good) news from you" ?

    It's hard to explain but it doesn't flows so well; it sounds less personal and seems to imply that you haven't heard from the recipient for a long time! Plus, it could be seen to suggest that you don't want to receive news if it might be bad!
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