La cabeza me da vueltas

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  1. Gamen Banned

    Near Buenos Aires
    Spanish Argentina
    How can I translate into English the expresión "la cabeza me da vueltas"?
    Can I use any of the indicated verbs?

    I had a complicated day today. Too much work and (over)demand. I need to rest.
    My head is reeling /going round/ spinning / twirling/ / swirling / revolving .
  2. alexcarr Senior Member

    Recordemos que dependiendo de lo que queramos expresar, no necesariamente las traducciones literales nos llevan a buen puerto.
    Por eso, decir "Got my head spinning around" o simplemete "my head is spinning around" puede expresar que algo te perturba y 'la cabeza te dá vueltas' (debido a eso que todavía no resuelves en tu mente)
    Ahora, si quieres expresar que tuviste un día agotador puedes decir "Had a busy day today" y puedes adherir "Need to get some rest"
    Sin embargo, cuando uno dice "I feel my head spinning around" puedes estar diciendo que la cabeza te dá vueltas literalmente y te sientes agotado. Puedes decir luego: "Need to get some sleep"
    Espera por más sugerencias!
  3. Mexico RV'er Senior Member

    English - USA
    For me the most natural would be to say "My head is spinning," if what I mean is that I have so much information to process that I am having trouble concentrating on any one thing.
  4. semillas

    semillas Senior Member

    I'd say: My head is spinning. ​And it means that you feel dizzy.
  5. Gamen Banned

    Near Buenos Aires
    Spanish Argentina
    Ok, I think, starting your suggestions, the most accurate way to say the idea in question is: "My head is spinning".
    I also had read my head is reeling or revolving, but I guess they must no be commonly used then...
  6. Another option would be: "my head is going around in circles and I need to take a break/chill out". (Informal usage)
  7. Mexico RV'er Senior Member

    English - USA
    Usually when we feel dizzy, we say "The room is spinning," rather than "My head is spinning." However, given the context, no one would misunderstand and perhaps there are those who would express it that way.

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