La cantidad de menores de y en la calle

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  1. sparklingirl Senior Member

    México D.F.
    Mexico, D.F. Spanish
    La frase:
    La cantidad de menores(street children) de y en la calle ha crecido.
    ¿Puedo decir en Inglés?:
    The amount of minors from and on the street has increased.

  2. themere

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    Perú, Español
    Te paso algunas definiciones:

    1. Children on the street
    - regular connection with the family
    - many of them attend school
    - on the streets they earn money needed for the financial survival of the family
    - flee to the street from the oppressing atmosphere of the home and lack of space

    2. Children of the street
    - occasional connection with family, only seldom visit their home
    - don't attend school
    - flee to the street from the violence in their family, alcoholism of parents, or lack of care
    - the home for them is a place of fear and misery

    3. Children in the street
    - no connection with family (or there is no family)
    - they regard street as their home and search there safety and livelihood
    - they gang up with other street children
    - they are drug addicted

    Espero te sirva
  3. sparklingirl Senior Member

    México D.F.
    Mexico, D.F. Spanish
    It helped a lot. Thank you so much.
  4. Sairen Senior Member

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    Interesting! I don't dispute your interpretation, themere, since the prepositions get pretty fuzzy, but I'd order them differently. To my dialect, I'd say

    Children in the street - are probably just out playing. Their moms will call them in for dinner soon.
    Children on the street - homeless, maybe with family, maybe not.
    Children of the street - street urchins, probably in gangs and so forth.

    Just throwing two cents out there. It's interesting to see how people interpret these phrases that have (as far as I know!) no strict definition. :)
  5. sparklingirl Senior Member

    México D.F.
    Mexico, D.F. Spanish
    Thanks Sairen for your help.

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