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    how would I translate into english

    La carrera de Medicina consta de seis (6) años y el sexto año corresponde al Año de Internado Rotatorio, que el Dr. Riascos lo cursó entre Diciembre 3 de 1994 a Diciembre 3 de 1995.

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    Where on Earth??
    English, UK
    Mi intento:

    The medicine Degree lasts 6 years and the sixth (and final) year corresponds to the (Rotatorio - Rotary???) Internship year, which Doctor Riascos undertook during the period 3 December 1994 to 3 December 1995.


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    The Medical Degree Program has a duration of 6 years and the last one consists of a Rotating Internship which Dr. xxxxx underwent for a period covering xxxx to xxxxx.
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