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Glossary: La Cataracte

French English Definitions/Examples
  • Acuité visuelle Visual acuity / Sharpness (keenness) of vision
  • Ambulatoire ambulatory care - a type of outpatient care (outpatient more idiomatic)
  • Anesthésie péri-bulbaire peribulbar block - local anaesthetic injected above and below the eye socket
  • Anesthésie topique topical anaesthesia - a type of local anaesthetic which does not require an injection
  • Capsule du cristallin lens capsule - a clear membrane which surrounds the lens and helps mould the shape
  • Cécité Loss of sight / blindness
  • Chirurgie (de la cataracte) au laser femtoseconde (CCLF) (refractive) laser-assisted cataract surgery (LACS/ReLACS)
  • Chirurgie assistée par laser laser-assisted (cataract) surgery
  • Convalescence (la) recovery/recuperation period
  • Cristallin lens (noun) crystalline/crystal/clear (adj.)
  • Échographie (an) ultrasound - e.g. he did an ultrasound
  • Fixer son regard to focus (your eyes)
  • Gene aux rayons lumineux sensitivity to light
  • Gouttes drops/droplets
  • Humeur vitrée vitreous (humour) - clear gelatinous liquid which helps the eye maintain its shape
  • Implant intraoculaire intraocular lens (implant)
  • Lentille lens
  • Myopie forte severe short-sightedness / myopia
  • Opacification the process of becoming cloudy/cloudiness
  • Ophtalmologue/ophtalmologiste ophthalmologist - eye doctor
  • Phacoémulsification (PKE) Phacoemulsification
  • Rétine retina
  • Stade phase/stage
  • Ultrasons ultrasound - e.g. he uses ultrasound
  • Vision floue/trouble blurry vision

Random Phrases
  • … est introduit (into the body) … is inserted/implanted
  • il s’agit de it is a question of
  • il se trouve it is found/situated/It lies/it is
  • voie d’abord medical approach

Conceptual information
What is a cataract
  • when the lens becomes cloudy causing short-sightedness (myopia) and dull or blurry vision
  • most often caused by age when the proteins in the eye clump together
  • other suspected causes are diabetes, smoking and prolonged exposure to UV light (sunlight)
Types of surgery
  • phacoemulsification cataract surgery
  • most common type of cataract surgery
  • small incisions and an intraocular (IOL) implant
  • cataract is broken up using ultrasound and the fragments are removed from the eye using suction
  • the folded/flexible IOL implant is inserted and unfolds in the same place as the original lens (behind the pupil)
  • (refractive) laser-assisted cataract surgery (LACS/ReLACS)
  • use of a femtosecond laser instead of handheld surgical instruments
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