1. gotitadeleche Senior Member

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    Can someone explain to me the difference in meaning between la caza and la cacería and give me example sentences?

    Thank you!
  2. omedina

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  3. gotitadeleche Senior Member

    Texas, U.S.A.
    U.S.A. English
    Thank you omediona. Can they be used interchangeably? Because I have heard "cacería de bruja" before , and I see in one of your links it shows "caza de bruja".

    Still I would like some sample sentences that show the differences.
  4. Berenguer

    Berenguer Senior Member

    Spain, Spanish
    I see it in the way that "cacería" is the result of "caza" or also the play of "caza". I mean. One dialogue that maybe helps you:

    - Oye, Paco, ¿te gusta la caza (1)?
    - ¡Claro que me gusta! Suelo ir de caza(2) al menos una vez al mes.
    - Estupendo. ¿Te apuntas a la cacería(3) de mañana? Te aseguro que la ultima vez nos cobramos una buena cacería (4), trajimos seis piezas.

    I'll explain it to you
    1--> Do you like hunting? --> I mean, if he likes the activity of hunting.
    2--> I go frequently hunting?--> he is used to going on hunting.
    3--> Here he invites the other one to a "organized activity of hunting". Maybe in English it is also said "hunting" or "shooting"
    4--> here "cacería" is refered to the product of the hunt. I mean, the bunnies, birds, and so on ..that have been shooted.

    Maybe the explanation is a bit difficult, and maybe have some mistakes, but I think that could help you.
  5. Alificacion

    Alificacion Senior Member

    Spain - Spanish
    They can be interchangeable... sometimes.

    Cacería would be "the hunt", this is, one particular hunting day or activity. It has a very narrow meaning and does not apply to any other aspect of hunting.

    Caza has a wider meaning and would correspond to "hunting". It can refer to the hunting action or to any other aspect of the hunting.

    I'll try some examples:

    My father likes hunting, I am against hunting, A journal about hunting, I like eating hunted animals, Buffalo hunting was practised long time ago, I sell hunting gear: in all of these contexts you would only use caza and NEVER cacería.

    They went hunting yesterday/They went on a hunt yesterday: se fueron de cacería ayer... BUT YOU CAN also say caza in this context.

    They're all trying to find you, this seems to be a hunting: todos te están buscando, esto parece una cacería.

    As for your example, caza/cacería de brujas: both can be used, because you can understand it either as a single event "la cacería de brujas de McCarthy en los 40" or in general, such as in "La caza de brujas es la búsqueda de brujas o evidencias de brujería"

    Hope it's clearer now... saludos!
  6. gotitadeleche Senior Member

    Texas, U.S.A.
    U.S.A. English
    Thanks to both of you. That does help. I think the light is starting to shine dimly through the fog.
  7. Berenguer

    Berenguer Senior Member

    Spain, Spanish
    So be prepared with your shotgun, because maybe behind the fog, there is a partridge :rolleyes:;)

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