1. nitmd Member

    USA English
    We bought some Mexican crema from a local store, it is "La Chona" brand. I looked this up in the dictionary and on the net, and can't find what it means. It seems to be a city in central Mexico, and maybe a nickname, but that doesn't really answer the question. Does anyone know?
  2. flljob

    flljob Senior Member

    México español
    Chona es el hipocorístico de Concepción o de Asunción
  3. pecosita Senior Member

    Español de México
    Chona is short for Concepción o de Asunción. (It's a proper name)
  4. raulbrey New Member

    SA. TX.
    mexican spanish
    also means "girl" or "girlfriend" (slang)
  5. maldito.tierno New Member

    Parras Coahuila, Mexico
    mexican spanish
    Chona its like know to domestic girls
  6. raulbrey New Member

    SA. TX.
    mexican spanish
    SI Maldito,your right. That's a better discription. Guess I should treat my ladies a little better :) sorry!

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