la comida buena / la buena comida

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  1. habsuze Senior Member

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    Can someone tell me if there is a difference between La comida buena and La buena comida?

    This is an example: THey serived a good meal.
    Ellos sirvieron una buena comida.

    Would the sentence change meaning if it was;
    Ellos sirvieron una comida buena.

    (I've been going through alot of old posts on this subject but can't find the answer to my particular question. )

  2. ollin69 Senior Member

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    I think the difference lies not in the word "good" but rather in "meal" and "food".

    It can be a good meal (in terms of quantity, nutritional value, etc.) , but is the food also good? At hospitals, for instance, or (I can imagine) in prison, there may be good meals but the food may not be quite as nice...

    Hope it helps.
  3. sweetcandy Senior Member

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    I hope you still need the answer to your question.

    A "buena comida" is a delicious food, an excellent food. And a "comida buena" can be the same, but it can also be understanded like a good 0:) (vs. evil :mad:) food.
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  5. Phoster Member

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    Yo creo que la importancia está en la alteración del orden . "Una comida buena" es el orden normal, nombre + adjetivo, y nos referimos a una comida que es buena.

    "Una buena comida" altera el orden normal, poniendo el adjetivo delante. Luego estamos dando énfasis a la frase. En este caso, que tenemos una buena comida, algo especial, exquisito, fuera de lo normal...

    Me atrevería a afirmar que una comida buena es frecuente, pero una buena comida sólo se da de vez en cuando...

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