la contraescritura (crítica literaria)

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    Estoy traduciendo un texto de crítica literaria, y no sé cómo traducir 'la contraescritura' en este caso. Funciona 'counterdeeds' o no?

    'El artículo revisa ese planteamiento desde la convicción de que la transmisión cultural también se puede construir a partir de la discontinuidad, la interrupción y la contraescritura.'

    'The article looks at this approach in the belief that cultural transmission can also be built from discontinuity, interruption and counterdeeds.'

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    No, the "escritura" refers to "writing", that is contraescritura - counterwriting (whatever that means).
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    Thanks for the suggestions. I've done a little more research - how about 'counter-discourse'?
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    Counter-discourse is a philosophical concept which does not apply in this case in my opinion. The article probably uses "contraescritura" in the sense of innovative writing, or writing against the established rules.

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