La Croqueuse de diamants

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    I hope someone might be able to help solve - once and for all - the correct way to translate La croqueuse de diamants, the title of a 1950 ballet by the French composer Jean-Michel Damase and, at least in current usage, an idiom.

    Overwhelmingly, the English translations I have seen use the literal approach and suggest The Diamond Cruncher, notwithstanding the inevitable loss of gender. While She Eats Diamonds is, perhaps, more accurate, there's no denying that it lacks "something" by comparison.

    So that leaves the idiomatic translation, The Gold Digger. That seems close to the context of the ballet - the character is a gangster and thief, yet she is only interested in diamonds. Not to wear, but to eat. Nothing could be more French.

    So am I just fighting a untranslatable double entendre?

    Thanks for any help.
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    I am thinking about the James Bond thriller, Diamonds are Forever...

    Diamonds are for Eating ?
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    How about
    Diamonds are a Girl's Best Food
    The Diamond Diner
    An Appetite for Diamonds

    OK, those are all bad. :(
  4. Sencha Senior Member

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    No, no, they are fun !
    Encore, encore !
  5. maouAOÛT New Member

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    Those are hilarious!
  6. Quaeitur

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    Breakfast, lunch and dinner at Tiffany's
    She's got a diamond tooth

    By the way, that is a great exercise for the mind! :D

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