la derecha accidentalista


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Por favor, puede explicarme qué significa la expresión "la derecha accidentalista". El texto completo es "la derecha accidentalista" durante la Segunda Republica española 1931-1936". Gracias.

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  • Accidentalism and catastrophism were two differing ideologies in Spain in the inter-war period. They were particularly noticeable among opponents of Spain's Second Republic (1931–1939) – most significantly of the liberal and socialist governments of 1931–1933 and 1936 until the start of the Spanish Civil War. The opposition press and groups tended to fall into one of the categories, which would both hold sway during the period of the Republic.

    Accidentalists believed that the faults of the Republic (and other types of government, like the preceding monarchy) were not based in the institution itself, but rather in the way it was being run. There was no fundamental flaw, and so means to improve Spain could be taken within the framework of the current system. The acts of a particular government were the only important thing. It was associated with legalism.

    Catastrophists believed that the problems with the Republic ran deep. This led them to conclude it should be overthrown, and replaced with another system – exactly what depended on the nature of the catastrophist group. Ultimately, the Spanish coup of July 1936 would represent a catastrophist insurrection, and would start the civil war.

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