La direction de la société

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    Hello everyone,

    I'm new in translating law contracts and I've come across this term "La direction de la société" that I've been finding hard to replicate into a coherent english.
    The nearest I came to was "the company's head office management/headquarters"... I've tried to take into consideration the "siège social" since this is where this sector of a company is found.

    Here is the context:

    En application des dispositions de l'article L. 1321-1 du code du travail et en vertu de son pouvoir réglementaire général et collectif, la direction de la société......... fixe ci-après:

    In accordance with the provisions of article L 1321-1 of the employment law and under its collective and general regulatory power, the company's head office management......... establishes hereinafter:

    Would be extremely grateful for any ideas!
  2. amg8989 Senior Member

    English-United Sates

    Could you give more context following 'la direction de la société' ....

    Some ideas based upon what you included:

    company's mandate
    company's approach
    company's stance
    company's course of action
    company protocol

    I don't believe it's related to the headquarters. Direction in this context would be more like a company's mission or leadership, but like I said, more context would greatly help.

    Good luck!
  3. Petite_Jen Member

    Good afternoon Amg8989,

    Thank-you for your participation!
    The following is all I have to work with in terms of context.
    I know where you are coming from when you suggest "company's mission/ leadership" but you see, i do believe it's related to the head-office, since this translation is in the form of a contract, the dotted line is host to the name of "la direction de la société" which proceeds to set down its regulations.

    In accordance with the provisions of article L 1321-1 of the employment law and under its collective and general regulatory power, "la direction de la société"......... establishes hereinafter:

    -General and permanent regulations regarding discipline
    -The course of regulatory action in the area of safety and hygiene

    "La direction de la société" equally determines in accordance with the principles laid down in articles L. 1331-1 and following the employment law, the nature and the scale of penalties that may be implemented in case of failure to comply with the rules aforementioned and sets out the provisions with regard to the rights of defense that must support the application of such penalties.

    Really hoping you can help make better sense of this term!!
    Many thanks
  4. Bella1 Senior Member

    UK Bilingual French/English
    For me 'la direction de la société' is usually the Management or Board of Directors. Would that fit here?

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