La domenica mattina

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    what does 'La domenica mattina' mean? Does it mean just 'Sunday morning' or can it also mean 'every Sunday morning'?

    La domenica mattina sono andato al mare. - I went to the sea on Sunday morning. - Is it correct?
    La domenica mattina andavo al mare. - I used to go to the sea on Sunday mornings. - Is it correct?

    If yes, then: Il venerdì sera andavo al cinema. - I used to go to the cinema on Friday evenings. - Is it correct?
    Can I use: La venerdì sera - (Every) Friday evening or do I have to use: 'Ogni venerdì sera' if I want to say 'every Friday evening'?

    Thank you very much.
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    Dobrý den :)

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    You could also say: "I venerdì sera andavo al cinema" to avoid ambiguity.
    Here articolo determinativo e giorni della settimana you'll find a discussion in the Solo Italiano forum, that you may find helpful.
    But I'm pretty sure that there are other discussions related to this topic. ;)
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    Thanks to both of you :)

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