la fabrique ne battit plus que d'une aile

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  1. roxynounette New Member


    I have a translation to french in English,
    but I don't know how to translate this sentence:

    la fabrique ne battit plus que d'une aile

    Thank you for your help
  2. MsRedjay Member

    English - South African
    What's the context? It doesn't really make sense... The factory was only flapping one wing? The factory only flapped one of its wings? But sorry, I have no idea what it means!
  3. archijacq Senior Member

    french France
    sens figuré:Ne battre que d'une aile, ne battre plus que d'une aile, Avoir beaucoup perdu de sa vigueur, de son activité ; ou Être mal dans ses affaires, ...
  4. MsRedjay Member

    English - South African
    I'm not sure of the English idiomatic equivalent... A less figurative translation would be: "The factory was operating at half-strength" - mais c'est tellement ennuyeux... I'll try my best to remember the more creative version and send you a note later! ;)
  5. catay Senior Member

    Canada anglais
  6. roxynounette New Member

    Merci en tout cas pour votre aide, je vais voir quelle phrase serait la mieux

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