la fanfare de la garde à cheval

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  1. syrita Senior Member

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    L’après-midi avançait. Tandis que la fanfare de la garde à cheval se mettait en place sur le flanc du Palais,

    I know you can have 'a fanfare de la garde'

    the military band of the republican guard for example but on horSeback. Does anyone know enough about French ceremonies. Do they have all riding all playing guards? Or is this the other meaning of fanfare, related to 'make a big entrance'

    Any comments much appreciated. This describes the opening of a big event which has the minister of culture and other dignitaries visiting.


  2. Keith Bradford

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    Well the fanfare is probably a brass band, and the garde à cheval is the equivalent of the Horse Guards, so...
  3. SteveRusso Senior Member

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    La Garde Républicaine does have a horseback band squad.
  4. syrita Senior Member

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    Ok, that is sorted then!

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