1. GretchenK New Member

    English, USA
    In Texican/Chicano style Spanish what would la ganga mean? Context: I'm friends with la ganga.
  2. perruno

    perruno New Member

    "the gang" your friends....

    did it help?
  3. volky

    volky Senior Member

    Puerto Rico, USA
    In P. R. we say "el corillo", refering to that special group of friends one is most used to share/party with.

    But I think, "ganga" is also used as the english "gang" term. (pandilla/banda).

    It depends on what connotation you are refering to.
  4. GretchenK New Member

    English, USA
    Gracias, perruno! :) I'm trying to understand Latin music lyrics.
  5. perruno

    perruno New Member

    youre welcome, my friend! ;)

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