La grande fraîcheur

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  1. Khayaam Member

    Bonjour à tous,

    Il y a deux personnes qui parle de la brume et comment ils ne peuvent rien voir, puis une des deux dit:

    Oui, c'est vrais que c’est pas la grande fraîcheur.

    So what isn't it? can anybody help?

  2. cropje_jnr

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    Perhaps 'it's not exactly cool/mild' expresses it?
  3. 'Lani New Member

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    If they're standing outside and visibility (and their expectations along with it) is being hindered by the fog, then perhaps "Yeah, I guess this isn't exactly the great outdoors."
    If it's more about the air than about visibility, perhaps "Yeah, I guess this isn't exactly a breath of fresh air."
  4. Khayaam Member

    Thanks for the suggestions!

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