La Grenouille (Broasca)

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(...) I am also looking in the online dictionaries for the names of various objects and animals for a set of picture dominoes. One word I am having difficulty with is 'The Frog/La Grenouille'. It isn't very clear which is the correct form for this. On Reverso there is: broscoiul, broasca (with an accent on the last a), broasca (without any accent at all) and broastele. Thank you very much for your help.
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    It could be an error, the spelling seems to lack the diacritical marks:

    The Frog / La Grenouille - Broasca (fem.) or Broscoiul (masc.)
    A frog / une grenouille - o broască or un broscoi
    frog / grenouille - broască or broscoi