la journée de la banque alimentaire

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  1. dagrang New Member


    "La journée de la banque alimentaire": what is this day about and what does one do on this day?

  2. petit1 Senior Member

    français - France
    On that day (or those days) volunteers from different organizations, the Red Cross, the Secours Populaire, the Secours Catholique ...etc collect food and other necessary goods to help people in need. The collections take place in lots of supermarkets and shopping centres. The customers do their shopping and give what they can. The supermarkets also give something of course.
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  3. dagrang New Member

    Thank you, petit1 ! It's completely different from what I had thought. :)
  4. petit1 Senior Member

    français - France
    And what did you think it was, Dagrang?
  5. dagrang New Member

    Oh, (1.) I was not sure about anything... and (2.) now my earlier un-sure-ness has been covered by the clear description you've provided above, and (3.) now I can't remember any more what I was not sure about. :). The earlier un-clear-ness is now gone from the surface of my memory.
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    We unfortunately also have "food bank days". Most Canadians (or U.S. Americans) tend to think that this is a feature of poor countries. Absolutely not so.
  7. dagrang New Member

    A complete equality is almost impossible, so these small systems are there to balance things up, I guess! The positive side of it is that we see the difference and do something about it actively!

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