La Ley de Extranjería - la normalización fijada

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  1. Dominic Lucey Senior Member

    I'm trying to translate the phrase in the title, here is the full context:
    La normalización fijada en la dispoción transitoria pretendía hacer aflorar la economia sumergida.... (the rest of the sentence isn't relevant)
    The fixed (rule?) normalisation in the transitory provision was pretending to surface the black economy.

    The rest comes from an article about immigration, all corrections and feedback would be greatly appreciated.
    Dominic Lucey
  2. PawelBierut Senior Member

    Polish - Poland
    In this case I think that fijar has the meaning of 'to base', and disposición, in my opinion, = regulation. So I think it should be translated as follows: The normalisation based on the transitory regulation was pretending to surface the black economy.
  3. Dominic Lucey Senior Member

    Ok, Thank you very much.

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