la libre disposition

Below is a passage from an article in a French legal periodical. The article is about the incorporation into French law of a EU directive relating to mediation.

Champ d'application. - L'ordonnance régit l'ensemble des médiations conventionnelle ou judiciare, concernant les matières civiles et commerciales. Elle étend la transposition de la directive aux litiges n'intervenant pas dans un contexte transfrontalier (sauf en droit social et en droit administratif non régalien). Elle rappelle que la médiation ne peut concerner les droits et obligations dont les parties n'ont pas la libre disposition (L. no.95-125, 8 févr. 1995, art. 21-4 nouv.).

I am struggling to understand and to translate the final sentence. My attempt is: It emphasises that mediation cannot apply to rights and obligations which bind the parties absolutely.

Any thoughts?
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    over which the parties have no control/authority ??? meaning maybe that the mediation process cannot apply to other parties outside the reach of that mediation because those other parties also have rights and obligations outside the process and not controlled by it.
    I think you need a French lawyer - sorry.
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