la longueur développée


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I need to translate a technical term from French to English. I know it's a bit over-specialised for this forum, but one never knows, perhaps somebody has come across it before. The context is one of instructions sent from the drawing office to the factory, concerning sheet-metal work in aluminium. After much looking on-line I finished up unsure of which term was right for the context.
The expression in French to be translated ; Tôlerie, la longueur développée de pli.
I came up with a few options ; while "true lenght of line" maybe understood by the drawing office, it's more a mathematical term and I am unsure if it's part of the terminology used on the factory floor, which is the target audience. I found "stretch-out" or this other expression "Calculating the bend allowance in material", but am unsure of how they might fit in my sentence. I suppose I should mention it's needed in UK English, so I need to avoid Americianisms too.
Any help appreciated, Thanks

En français :
Bref, un instruction d'un bureau d'étude (français) à l'usine en Angleterre, concernant la pliage d'une tôle en alu.
On parle de "la longueur développée de pli", quel sera la mot juste (jargon) a utilisée en discussion avec les gens dans l'usine.
Je pense que l'expression "true lenght of line" est juste ; comme pour "le décintrage d'une porte" se dit "truing up" en anglais. Par contre j'aimerais savoir s'il y a un "jargon technique" utiliser en usine ; par exemple "stretch-out" (mais il me semble que c'est un Americianism, alors ne convient pas aux anglais.)
J'ai trouvé aussi "Calculating the bend allowance in material", mais je ne sais pas comment la tourner cette terme.
J'ai besoin de vos luminères.
  • Bonjour,

    On dirait que "developed length" est ce que vous cherchez.

    Bend allowance is a method used to calculate the (developed) length of flat sheet metal required to make a bend of a specific radius and angle. The calculation accounts for the thickness of the sheet metal, bend radii, bend angles, and other material properties (like Y- and K-factors).

    See this, that and that.
    Hello Guerric,

    Thanks for that. Êtes-vous sûr, il me faut l'avis de quelqu'un dans un bureau d'études en ingnierie mécanique/fabrication.
    Also, both the software Pro/SHEETMETAL & the linked blog are US based, did you just Google them?