La maîtrise de la lumière


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I'm translating something about various lighting project in Toulouse designed to enhance buildings/bridges etc at night.

This phrase keeps coming up:

La maîtrise de la lumière a permis de...

I've been writing: The lighting project/design...

It's the La maîtrise de la lumière a permis that is causing problems.

Any thoughts?!
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    Thank you!

    Ok here is an example sentence:

    La maîtrise de la lumière a permis d’affirmer et de renforcer la dualité architecturale du bâtiment

    I don't know if control of the lighting sounds right....or does it? Not sure!


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    Well-designed lighting

    might get at the aspect of maîtrise the original was trying to convey.

    Proper lighting, Adequate lighting, Well-aimed lighting, Well-engineered lighting

    could also be choices if they convey the original meaning better.

    Control tends to suggest the actual electrical controls, or keeping the lighting within some concrete limit (not too bright, not too diffuse) rather than the artistic design.

    Monitoring would be observing the lighting once it is working, to make sure there's no malfunction.


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    Great thanks for that! That's excellent.
    You sound like a lighting specialist, any chance you know what a pot d'encastrement is in technical terms?!
    Light housing?