la mise à bonne distance

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    I'm having trouble translating the phrase in brackets in the context of the following sentence. Is it a colloquial figure of speech?

    "La distance (la mise à bonne distance) par rapport à l'actuel, au présent, au réel, à l'existant, se prend sous le sign du possible."

    Distance (the setting at good distance?) in relation to the actual, the present, the real and the existing, places itself under the sign of the possible.

    The rest of the sentence makes sense, it's just that phrase in brackets, and it has me stumped. A quick google search seems to suggest it has a sense of the critical viewpoint of objective distance. Any suggestions would be very welcome!
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    I would say that distance here is a metaphor for degrees of difference. You could almost say: "A difference (any fairly good difference) from the current, the present, the real, the existant, is manifested in terms of the possible."

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