la mollette, la poule de beurre

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    Hi everybody,

    Please could somebody help me with the following sentence:

    “Il y avait à sucer la mollette, la poule de beurre, la grosse grasse trempée dans la pâte”

    I’ve tried to search everywhere for the meaning of ‘la mollette’ and ‘poule de beurre’ but cannot seem to make sense of it so I’m afraid my attempt will be very literal. With regards to ‘la mollette’, the only meanings I could find (thumb-wheel etc.) didn’t seem to go with the verb ‘sucer’. Since ‘le mollet’ means calf, could ‘la mollette’ possibly be referring to a female calf?

    I’m afraid the context is not much help either as the text is rather abstract. All I can say is that the narrator is describing kind of refreshment area where one can sample mainly dairy products, (milk, cream, butter) but there also seems to be a sexual undertone throughout the text.

    Here is my attempt:
    There was to suckle the calf, the butter hen,the fatty fat dipped in dough

    Thank you
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    I don't know what a "poule de beurre" is, so "butter hen" seems fine for want of anything better.

    As for "mollet", it is the calf of your leg, not the young of cows...
    "Mollette" or "molette" could be a sort of pastry wheel (like this).
  3. Gatinha_B Member

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    Ah...ok that makes sense as there are a lot of references to pastry! Looks like I got the wrong end of the stick with 'calf' and went off at a tangent!

    Thanks a lot!
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    Glad I could help :).

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