la monter à bord avec lui

Monsieur Leland

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Hello, how would you say: "la monter à bord avec lui".

Context: someone has to jump aboard a moving train and, because of his strength, will lift someone else with him.

I see the expression "take her aboard with him" a lot on Google, but ever "climb her aboard with him".

  • ain'ttranslationfun?

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    The verbs hoist and haul are mostly used for things, not people. They do not describe a deft action, which in this case it probably is.

    Here I would say Lift her aboard along with himself.
    "mostly", as you say, but not exclusively. And the OPer said he was able to do this because of his strength, not his defteness. ("The Ol' Hairsplitter" strikes again...)
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