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Hello everyone!

I'd like to have your opinion on a pun I don't think I quite understand.

The context is this: in the first episode of the American show "Mr. Pickles" (about 4 minutes and a half into the episode), a character speaks playfully to a pregnant cow and tries to reassure her by saying: "Don't worry, I've been taking la-Moo's classes!"

I get the "moo" pun, but I'm under the impression that there is more to this "la-Moo" expression. It could be playing on the assonance with the name of a public figure, of an institution or of some kind of discipline, but as a native Italian speaker I can't seem to put my finger on it.
I googled "La Moo" and found out there's an American creamery with that name, but its activity started in 2017, three years after the episode first aired.

Can someone figure out what's behind this man-to-cow moment? I'd really appreciate it!
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    I've only heard it on TV, but I usually hear "luh-mahz" (rhymes with "the oz"). It is named after a French birthing doctor (obstetrician) named Dr. Fernand Lamaze. So it's probably an English version of the French name.

    Definition of LAMAZE


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    You can confirm the AE pronunciation with a video online that shows quite a number of clips from various shows with people pronouncing it during regular unscripted conversation. Of course, there are also some videos with those stupid computer pronunciations that NEVER sound like a real person. I don't know why they waste their time putting those online.


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    It's been ubiquitous here for about 40 years.

    I know it's been in movies and TV shows quite often when there is a pregnant character featured.

    Here's part of the episode guide for Season 1 Episode 16 of Friends.

    "Ross attends Lamaze classes with Carol and Susan."
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