la mort est un passage obligé


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Bonjour, quelqu'un parle de la mort comme étant un "passage obligé"... J'aimerais trouver une expression équivalente en anglais... Avez-vous des idées ?
  • lentulax

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    Context would help, as always, but it seems likely to mean, not that death is the end of life, but that death is 'un passage' - a transition or movement or path - from one stage of life to another , though obviously a path etc. which human beings have no choice but to take (so you might expect to see the expression 'la mort est un passage obligé' in a religious context). In other contexts, you might translate 'un passage obligé' as 'a necessary step'. Talking about death, the idea is more a path you have to follow, a gateway through which you must pass, etc.


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    A path we all must tread. We English do like our concrete nouns and active verbs; you French seem to prefer abstractions.

    I wonder, though: can death be a 'path? Could simply "death is inevitable/we all must die/death awaits us all*" work?
    *Or, if you want to keep your image, "death is the last step on our path"?