la partida de fondo

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    At the bottom of a Guatemalan birth certificate under "Observations," this phrase is used to introduce a marriage. I'm having trouble figuring out which person on the birth certificate it refers to. Would someone be able to give me a good English translation of this phrase?
    "Razón. La inscrita en la partida de fondo con esta fecha contrajo matrimonio civil... (etc.)"
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    It means "The undersigned".
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    I'm not sure if it means 'the undersigned'. I've got one here that says

    Razón: El de la partida de fondo: <nombres y apellidos del inscrito>, segun acta No. xx-xx, de fecha xx de <mes> de <año>, contrajo matrimonio civil con: <Esposa>, ante los oficios de esta Alcaldía Municipal, por lo que cambia su estado civil. Conste. <lugar>, xx-xx-xxxx.

    Does 'la partida de fondo' refer to the original certificate? Because the registered person definitely didn't sign this certificate. The registrar signed it. But in any case, "el de la partida de fondo" on this certificate is referring to el inscrito.

    Here's my attempt:

    Note (is that what 'razón' means here?): The registered person, <names>, according to certificate xx-xx, dated xx of <month>, <year>, was legally married to <spouse>, before this Municipal Government, and therefore his marital status has changed. Let the record show. <place>, <date>

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