La policia sofocó el alboroto

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  1. moisesfab Member

    Nicaragua Español
    Como es posible traducir esto?
  2. Agente442

    Agente442 Senior Member

    Corregidora, Qro.
    México / Español
    The police crushed the riot
  3. yeehawk Senior Member

    US / English
    Police quelled the riot, police suppressed the riot, police subdued the riot . . .
    Those are some other options, probably more common than "crushed" in non-polemical texts.
  4. mrgshelton

    mrgshelton Senior Member

    Long Beach, California
    The police put down the riot/disturbance
    The police broke up the riot/disturbance
    The police quashed the riot/disturbance
  5. aurilla Senior Member

    Puerto Rico
    Am Eng/PR Spanish
    I would go with "suppressed" or "quashed"

    rioters are "subdued".
  6. Gamen Banned

    Near Buenos Aires
    Spanish Argentina
    Buenas tardes.
    Retomado este hilo, ¿esta traducción también es correcta?

    The police stifled the riot/disturbance.

  7. Pablo Peligroso

    Pablo Peligroso Senior Member

    Lo me gusta, claro que sí.
  8. Gamen Banned

    Near Buenos Aires
    Spanish Argentina
    Muchas gracias por la confirmación Pablo.

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