La práctica hace al maestro

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  1. cristys0000 New Member

    Hi everyone... I am new member... and i need help with this saying...

    "La Practica hace al maestro"

    Thank you for your help... Love cris..
  2. Gizmo77

    Gizmo77 Senior Member

    Spain - Spanish
    "Practice turns you into a teacher/master...". Sorry, don't know an idiom in English for that.
  3. colombina

    colombina Senior Member

    English / Spanish - Argentina
    Nope! El dicho en inglés es "Practice makes perfect."

  4. Gizmo77

    Gizmo77 Senior Member

    Spain - Spanish
    A ver mocina... ¿preguntó cuál era el idiom... o qué :p?

    Hola ;)
  5. cristys0000 New Member

    si ya sea algo similar a ese refran o dicho....

    La practica hace al maestro...

    Muchas gracias muchachos (a) love cris....
  6. Carrie2 Senior Member

    English, UK
    ¡Colombina tiene razón! "Practice makes perfect" es el idiom/el dicho/el refrán en inglés.
  7. JuanDeLemos

    JuanDeLemos New Member

    "La practica hace al maestro" , "Practice makes the Master" it is the way to say this sentence or proverb
  8. JennyTW Senior Member

    Córdoba, Spain
    English - UK
    No, it isn't. The saying in English is "Practice makes perfect", as the others have already said.

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