La prise en charge des bagages commence à l’embarquement.

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  1. Once again a request to check that I've got the correct meaning here - I felt it meant that the Carrier takes responsibility for freight baggage from the moment of loading it on board to the moment of departure - would appreciate confirmation! Context is Conditions of Sale notice for a ferryboat, for baggage over 20kgs.

    Fret : les bagages excédant 20 kg doivent être embarqués en fret. La prise en charge des bagages en fret par le Transporteur commence à l’embarquement et se termine au débarquement.

    My attempt:
    Freight : The Carrier takes responsibility for baggage freight from the moment of loading and until disembarkation.

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    hi there,
    quick post just to confirm that you have the correct meaning indeed.

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