La récré = La récréation

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  1. Murellus Senior Member

    Is la récré just a shortened slang form used in conversations for la récréation?
  2. mickaël

    mickaël Senior Member

    Yes, you're right :)
  3. Murellus Senior Member

    Ok Thx!

    Do they also have the same meaning?
  4. mickaël

    mickaël Senior Member

    Yes, they have the same meaning, but it's more the kids who say la "récré".
  5. olithegreat Senior Member

    Same meaning but diferent context.
    Recreation is formal· The masters , teachers, adults in general would use it·
    Recré is informal and will almost always be used by the kids.
  6. maggiemami New Member

    UK, English
    But are there two accents only on the shortened form; yet one, on the second e, with the full word. It's listed as such?

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