la rencontre du savoir-faire artisanal d’excellence.


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I feel like I'm going a bit crazy here. Is there a word or two missing in this phrase?

Ce projet inédit célèbre la rencontre du savoir-faire artisanal d’excellence.

Or is it an unusual way of saying "where artisanal expertise meets excellence"?

Thanks for any help!
  • Michelvar

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    You are right, something is missing, we don't know what or who is meeting "le savoir-faire artisanal d’excellence". That's the problem when people let their interns write advertising lines...

    EDIT : I don't have the full context, but it may be a clumsy way to say that visitors or citizens or whatever are meeting ....


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    Context is a bit missing indeed but I would translate this way :
    "Through this new project, craftsmen (/tradesmen?) are (/will be) able to share their excellent skill (/know-how/savoir-faire)"
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