la reta


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I would like to know the most accurate translation. In many regions around Mexico, a casual game of friendly soccer (a.k.a. kick-about) is commonly called "reta".
Also, in other specific places within the area, if someone arrives once the game is already started and they want to join, they say out loud "la reta!" in order to let the players know their intentions. After that, the game is usually paused briefly so they could welcome the new player and decide in wich team are they going to be.

I would like to know how could I say "la reta!" in English.

Thanks in advance.
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    There is not to my knowledge a way to say this. I am sorry to tell you but people to not generally have kick abouts in America. Maybe in England it is possible, but In America people do not simply go and play soccer.

    You would just have to say, I want to play. or May I play with you?

    THere is nothing like "La Reta" for any sport to my knowledge.


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    Reta. Maybe as in retaliation, since the game is challenged by teams that play regularly against each other. So... rematch?


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    It is not only for football(or soccer), it could be for basketball or any sport, even videogames, it is basically an informal friendly challenge
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