la retraite au choix (à la carte)

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    Hi everyone,

    I am confused by the last sentence in this paragraph:

    Le nouveau système devra prendre en compte l'augmentation progressive de l'espérance de vie, à la fois par l'augmentation de la durée de cotisation et si nécessaire, des taux de cotisation. Mais, si nous vivons plus longtemps en meilleure santé, et si nous devons travailler plus longtemps pour sauver nos retraites, c'est le principe de la retraite au choix (à la carte) qui devrait prévaloir.

    What is la retraite au choix (à la carte)? And could someone please explain the overall meaning of the last sentence?

    Merci d'avance :)
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    It is the principle of choice that should prevail, because we are living longer and may need to work longer to pay for our pensions,
    Choice "a la carte" (no accents in English) means that we should be allowed to choose what we want but of course at a cost.
    If we want to retire at 62 having worked 40 years and paying contributions (cotisations) for that time, we should choose a pension of 50% of previous salaries.
    But if we want 60% of salaries, obviously we need to work till 66; and, if we think we will live long and prosper, we may choose to work until 70 with an increase in paid-up contributions of 8 years and therefore deserve a pension of 70% - with of course the possibilty we may not live to enjoy it if we die before 70.
  3. MelD Senior Member

    Thank you very much for your very helpful explanation guillaume!

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